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Here you'll find Luxury Brush Prairie Homes and Estates for sale.  "Official" Brush Prairie homes have a Brush Prairie Zip Code - 98606.  For purposes if this Luxury Home Search Page we'll  be using the boundaries of the Prairie High School District.  Thus, some of the properties may have either a Battle Ground Zip of 98604 or, a Vancouver WA zip of 98662, 98682, 98686.  Most Luxury Homes shown on this page will have Acreage with them.

In addition to non-subdivision Estates, we'll show you luxury homes in neighborhoods such as: Sequoia Meadows, Tiger Lily, Westminster Walk when they come on the market.

This list of homes comes from All Real Estate Companies.  If you see a home you like, Give Us a Call!

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Brush Prairie Washington luxury real estate is very favorably priced, allowing you to purchase more luxury than of similar homes found in Portland Oregon or Seattle -- and remember, we don't have a Personal State or Local Income Tax in Brush Prairie Washington!