Home Buyer Tips and Resources

This site is set up to provide searches for all residential properties listed in the Vancouver MLS with no registration required.   The listing data is retrieved from the RMLS database several times a day to give you a very up-to-date view of the properties currently available.  We also have no restrictions on how long your user sessions are, as this site has virtually unlimited bandwidth.

The Primary Navigation is designed to help you search by City, then by neighborhood in each city.  We have a large number of neighborhoods in Clark County, and if we've not yet created a page for one of your favorites -- just let us know and it shouldn't take too long to get that set up.

You may also search by Category.  Some common current categories include: Luxury Homes; Bank Owned Homes; Acreage Homes and Condo -- for just a few examples.

Finally, if you want the power-search options you may go to the main Homes by City page and enter your precise parameters there.

Oh yes, we also have a very good Map Search tool you may use.

What Are the Benefits to Registering on this site?

This site operates under the philosophy that the more homes you review on-line the better understanding you will have of the market conditions, neighborhoods and prices.  That process usually takes place over many on-line sessions, and the ability to record those homes of interest to you -- without the untimely intrusion by us.  Therefore, we will thank you if you do sign up; and we will answer your questions you send in.  We won't set you up on a spam - barrage of e-mail teasers and marketing mumbo-jumbo.

Once you are ready to buy, we do hope you'll contact us as soon as possible and get us up to speed on what you are looking for.