Historical and Current Trends for the 30 Year Fixed Rate Home Loan Mortgage

The most often used reference for the current and historical levels of the Interest Rate for Home Loans / Mortgages is the 30 Year Fixed Rate loan as reported by Freddie Mac. The nation-wide average rate-level shown in the chart is for a borrower that is putting 20% down, and with reasonably good qualifications for Income and Credit Score.

The "live" (uses up to the minute data) chart below shows the 30 year rate charted in Blue, along with the 10 Year US Treasury Rate (Green); and the Federal Funds Rate (Red):

Discussion: the trends for the 10 Year Treasury Bond and the Federal Funds Rate are included to show that the Home Loan Mortgage Rate closely tracks with the 10 Year Treasury Rate; and not the Federal Funds Rate. The popular Press most often reports on the Federal Reserve's actions with respect to the Federal Funds Rate yet, that particular rate is not necessarily a predictor of where the home loan rate will be in the near future.

For the trend in 2019 it appears that the 10 Year Treasury Rate is reasonably stable, and will likely stay in a modest range this year or, it may resume its long-term decline.

Finally, the effective rate any particular borrower will be presented with by a lender will likely vary from what this chart reports, as your financial situation, combined with the product(s) offered by the lender is a very dynamic situation that this website cannot answer. Otherwise, we hope this well-regarded public information will help you be better informed when you work with your home lender.

Note: the chart is provided by the Federal Reserve, and the data from the Federal Reserve and FHLMC, and is used by this website for informational purposes only, and not to sell any particular product.