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John Slocum and Kathryn Alexander, Washington State Real Estate Brokers, are the owners and webmasters for the non-IDX portion of this website.  It is our goal to provide high quality home search tools and home seller tools for prospects and clients in the Vancouver Washington and surrounding Clark County area.

1) General Privacy: through working with thousands of web visitors, we have nothing in place on this website to determine who you are or where you are -- unless you tell us via an e-mail or phone call to us -- and That IS Fine with us.  You are welcome to use this site for your personal use whenever and however long you'd like; and as anonymously as you'd like.  When you are ready to buy or sell, the best way to let us know is Call, Text or e-mail.

2) Home Search Registration: when you are searching for homes, if you haven't signed in the system may at some point ask if you'd like to set up an account.

3) Cookies: as with any website there will be some "Session Cookies" that facilitate the user's navigation of the home search pages.  With thousands of homes for sale at any one time, these session cookies help ensure the ability to navigate forwards and backwards smoothly during your time on the site. 

There are occasional links to books or products on Amazon, and if you purchase one of those items we may see a small commission from them.  Those funds are only used to make this site better.  There may be links on resource pages that we cannot guarantee the operation of the session cookies on those off-site web pages.

Otherwise, we have not implemented nor are we aware of any permanent cookies or other tracking codes placed on your computer.

4) We do communicate with many shoppers by e-mail.  To ensure our e-mails get back to you, please enable the domain "" as a "safe sender." 

5) If you want to contact us but, want to use a temporary e-mail address, we much prefer you identify yourself as "Home Shopper" or, "Home Seller," if you are also not ready to provide your real name.  We know that plans can change for our clients -- and we don't carry any hand-cuffs to lock you into something you do not want or, cannot afford.


1) This site is intended for clients and prospective clients of the Alexander ~ Slocum Team, John Slocum and Kathryn Alexander.  If you have another Realtor you intend to continue that; your arrangement with that Realtor can become very, very cloudy if you use this site but continue with that other person. 

2) We do our very best to keep this site current with a property's data that may be presented.  However, although we deem the information reliable we cannot guarantee it.

3) Use this site as often and long as you'd like, if you are searching for homes in this area or, want to learn more about this part of Washington State.  We have paid for unlimited bandwidth for our customer's use.

Please let us know if you have any additional questions.  Thank you!