New Homes For Sale in Camas WA, including Condos and Townhomes

A New Camas Home Saves Energy; The Land is now Cheap; and the New Home Prices are Excellent!

On this page you'll find New Homes for Sale in Camas Washington, as well as parts of Clark County with a Camas Zip Code.  Many of these homes represent excellent home choices in the Vancouver, Camas and Portland Oregon area.   In our opinion purchasing a new home may represent the best deal in a house for sale today for these reasons:

  • The Dirt (aka the Lot) costs Less;
  • The Building Materials cost less than they once did;
  • Labor Costs are lower;
  • Superior Energy Efficiency elements lower daily operating costs;
  • You may be able to add the most desirable upgrades.

Owing to certain limitations in the Camas MLS, the homes on this page were built in 2010 or newer and may have been lived in briefly OR, the homes shown are proposed to-be-built homes and they may take 5 or 6 months to be built once the proper purchase arrangements have been made and the building permit(s) obtained.

Many of these new homes have Builder Incentives available to the Purchaser.  Please call us or contact us and we'll get that information to you!

This list of homes comes from All Real Estate Companies however, if you see a home you like, Just Give Us a Call!  

New Homes For Sale are some of the best deals in real estate today!  Let John Slocum and Kathryn Alexander of Premiere Property Group, LLC Vancouver WA guide to find the Best Lot and Best Builder for YOU!

PS - there is no State or Local Income Tax in Washington State.  Also, property taxes in Vancouver and Clark County are considered to be lower than for similar homes on the Portland Oregon side of the Columbia River!

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