Landover-Sharmel Neighborhood Homes for sale in Northeast Vancouver WA

Landover-Sharmel and Northeast Vancouver homes for sale represent some of the Vancouver / Portland Area's more more established neighborhoods.  These homes were built in the 1970's and into the 2080's. 

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The general location of the Landover-Sharmel neighborhood will be NE 18th St; South of NE 28th St; and West of NE 138th Ave.

PS - To view homes in the Neighborhoods nearby to the Evergreen Area we have set up:

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    South: Homes For Sale in Cascade Park

    East: Homes For Sale in the Mill Plain Union Area

Evergreen Neighborhood in Vancouver Washington, USA is located north of Portland Oregon, to the north of Vancouver's SE Mill Plain Blvd.  On an average day this is probably about 20 minutes from the PDX Airport.

Popular smaller neighborhoods within this area include: Airport Green, Cimarron, Countryside Woods, Fircrest, First Place, Hearthwood, Image, Landover.

The Zip Code for Evergreen Neighborhood is 98684 to the South, and 98682 to the North.

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